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Join | Zimmer106
DZKDate: Wednesday, 2013-03-27, 7:52:41 PM | Message # 1
Hurt Me Plenty
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I am impressed with the skills of the clan members that I have seen.

I have a long history of First person shooter games, beginning with Doom, Quake 1, Quake 2 (especially CTF and Freezetag) and Quake 3. Also unreal and unreal tournament, and Halo.

I am rusty having not played regularly for about 9 years,but have seen improvements in my skill over the last couple of weeks since restarting online play. My preferred game style is CTF Instantgib, but seem to remember I was totally hopeless with the railgun in Quake.

I have missed playing regularly due to family commitments and two young daughters - but am keen to reinvolve myself.

I have been in several clans in the past for quake 2, most notably (Gin) Gnomes international Freezetag clan.

I much prefer team games like ctf and will do anything I can to help my team do well.

Hopefully some of your members have seen me online in the last couple of weeks, and being part of a top clan - I feel I would improve a great deal, and be a better player - and eventually help the clan.

Unfortunately I am not a great player at the moment, but my enthusiasm makes up for it, and I am sure with the right practice sessions, I can only get better.

I particularly need some tuition with strafe jumping, I just cannot seem to get the speed up at the moment.

I tend to be better at defense than attack, mostly because of my lack of skills and poor high speed control.

If you need any other information, just let me know, I hope you will consider my application as worthy of your teams attention.

I am not in any other clan at the moment

Original post by Zimmer106

Added (2013-03-27, 7:52:41 PM)

hey zimmer we remember you throughtout the past weeks

[last night in paticular]

we beileve any player can become good with the right practice/training

i remember you asking about strafing yesterday and we all will be happy to help you

Mega clan has a clan entry test

in the past we have help train the players that would like to enter the clan.

the test is Defrag, Instantgib and Rockets

passing 2 of the 3 is good enough

come to #teammega to talk with some of the other Mega's and I.

we will all see this application

introduce yourself to some of the guys in the channel :-)

btw your since you've had alot of years playing quake games and other fps learing should be easy for you.

that will also help your application



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Forum » Mega Clan * 2013 » Join Us » Join | Zimmer106
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