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Forum » Mega Clan * 2013 » Tips » Power-Ups
DZKDate: Friday, 2012-07-06, 9:34:08 PM | Message # 1
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Power-ups and Items

Power-ups increase a players abilities for a short amount of time instantly upon touching them, which is displayed in the lower right hand corner of your screen.

Mega Health

The Mega Health increases the players health by 100; even over the base amount of 100, but not over 200.

Quad Damage

The Quad increases your damage output by 3 times, rather than 4 as in previous games in the series.


This power-up accelerates the players movement and rate of fire.


Regeneration slowly heals your wounds over time, up to 200 health, or until the effect wears off.


Invisibility bends light around the player, making them harder to see.

Battle Suit

The Battle Suit surrounds the player in a golden bubble, protecting him from environmental hazards such as lava, drowning, and splash damage.


An anti-gravity unit that allows the player to fly.

Holdable Items
Holdable items can be carried until activated with the "use" key. Only one item can be carried at a time.


If you're feeling kind of down, theres nothing like a medkit to pick you back up. It instantly restores the player back to full health, so it's best used when near the brink of death.


This personal teleporter will intantly transport you to a random location in the map. Best used as a last resort when things are getting dicy, because it may thrust you in the middle of a fire fight.

Forum » Mega Clan * 2013 » Tips » Power-Ups
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